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de Haas, Hein (with S. Castles and M. J. Miller) (2020). The Age of Migration: International Population Movements in the Modern World. Fully revised sixth edition. Red Globe Press. Click here for flyer and  free sample chapter and table of contents.


7bcaababda-79d6-e111-bb1a-001cc477ec847dde Haas, Hein (2010) ‘Migration and Development: A Theoretical Perspective’,International Migration Review 44 (1): 1-38

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de Haas, Hein (with Mathias Czaika) (2014) ‘The Globalization of Migration: Has the World Become More Migratory?’, International Migration Review 48 (2): 283-323

demig logde Haas, Hein (2014) Migration theory: Quo vadis? IMI Working Paper No. 100 / DEMIG Project Paper No. 24. Oxford: International Migration Institute.

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de Haas, Hein (2014) What drives human migration? In B Anderson and M Keith (eds.) Migration: A COMPAS Anthology, COMPAS: Oxford.


Image result for international migration reviewde Haas, Hein (with Katharina Natter and Simona Vezzoli) (2016). “Growing restrictiveness or changing selection? The nature and evolution of migration policies.International Migration Review doi:10.1111/imre.12288 

Image result for international migration reviewde Haas, Hein (with Mathias Czaika) (forthcoming, 2016). “The Effect of Visas on Migration Proccesses.” International Migration Review.


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