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How Migration Really Works

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de Haas, Hein (with S. Castles and M. J. Miller) (2020). The Age of Migration: International Population Movements in the Modern World. Fully revised sixth edition. Red Globe Press. Click here for flyer and  free sample chapter and table of contents.


de Haas, Hein (2021). “A theory of migration: the aspirations- capabilities framework” Comparative Migration Studies 9 (8).

7bcaababda-79d6-e111-bb1a-001cc477ec847dde Haas, Hein (2010) ‘Migration and Development: A Theoretical Perspective’ International Migration Review 44 (1): 1-38

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de Haas, Hein (with Mathias Czaika) (2014) ‘The Globalization of Migration: Has the World Become More Migratory? International Migration Review 48 (2): 283-323

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de Haas, Hein (2014) Migration theory: Quo vadis? IMI Working Paper No. 100 / DEMIG Project Paper No. 24. Oxford: International Migration Institute.

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de Haas, Hein (2014) What drives human migration? In B Anderson and M Keith (eds.) Migration: A COMPAS Anthology, COMPAS: Oxford.

Image result for international migration reviewde Haas, Hein (with Katharina Natter and Simona Vezzoli) (2016). “Growing restrictiveness or changing selection? The nature and evolution of migration policies.International Migration Review doi:10.1111/imre.12288 

Image result for international migration reviewde Haas, Hein (with Mathias Czaika) (forthcoming, 2016). “The Effect of Visas on Migration Proccesses.” International Migration Review.

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